Alexander Jönsson

: May 28, 2020

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We’re in the midst of the digital shift – although that doesn’t make us all super savvy pros. Some are, but even for them, what’s true one day might crackle the next. Ethics, systems and behavior simply doesn’t change as fast as we innovate. And sometimes… innovation brings new problems to ;

To navigate, innovate and ultimately – do business in this landscape we need the front runners as well as we need the slower moving giants. We need the analysts and we need the fearless. And. We need to work together, to use each others knowledge, collaborate and break out of our convenient silos.

Media Evolution is a non-profit members organization that brings together the innovative tech agencies, the creatives, the big corps, the makers, the academy, the strategists and the local municipalities and regions of southern Sweden. All of which share the reality of the digital transformation – but have very different things to contribute in making sure it evolves in the way we want to.

Our mission is to foster growth and innovation in the digital/creative industries of southern Sweden and we do so by offering a platform with plenty of formats for sharing ideas, develop competencies and for innovation processes. We also pursue pioneering projects, locally and globally, to create new markets for our ;

Media Evolution started in 2008, as a joint initiative between the private sector, the academy and the public sector to promote the conditions for growth and innovation in the media industries. As the time has passed, media has grown to incorporate all sorts of organizations dealing with digital development and today, there are more than 400 of them.

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