Melissa Mae Cruz

: Dec 5, 2023

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HekaVR is an award-winning Danish start-up that has developed the first-of-its-kind Virtual Reality 3D software that caters for AVATAR therapy that aids patients suffering from malevolent auditory hallucinations. Our solution is currently supporting the largest RCT globally, counting 266 patients, and is targeting auditory hallucinations in treatment resistant Schizophrenia. Our innovativeness stems from using face creation, voice modulation, and real-time VR. HekaVR is dedicated to explore how digital health technologies can reduce disease burden across different mental conditions (borderline, eating and bipolar disorder), in which auditory hallucinations can be frequent and severe. We are looking for partner that can lead the project and  to target this call. Contact:, /


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 Social Innovation
 Medical equipment
 Digital Agenda for Europe
 Mental health
 Clinical trials
 Artificial Intelligence

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