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: Aug 30, 2022

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About Me

Khora is a Copenhagen-based AR/VR production house and learning space founded in 2016 and among the first to produce high-end VR and AR content in the Nordic Region. We stay at the cutting edge of immersive and hybrid technologies and storytelling.

We're experienced EU project partners continuously seeking more partnerships and opportunities to use our expertise within XR productions for the greater European good.

Khora is COOD in one Creative Europe consortium, a partner in two HORIZON consortiums, and one ERASMUS consortium. Our EU journey has snowballed since '19, and we are always open to discussing how we might contribute to your project over a virtual cup of coffee.

Further, we are 40 creatives: filmmakers, 3D artists, sound designers, programmers, XR experts, philosophers, historians, computer scientists, visual artists and storytellers - all firmly committed to exploring the significance of VR/AR across a vast array of sectors such as Culture, Education, Health, Communication and Architecture.

We sense the world in 3D. So communicating three-dimensionally is effective if you want to transfer information or touch people in ways that are memorable and have a high impact on learning, action motivation, and communities. The power of spatial and immersive digital experiences is simply that it provides a more embodied, naturalistic medium and interface to content than classical media.

Our dream is to use immersion (AR, VR, XR, MR, metaverse) as a core enabler of our capacities to engage with and solve the 21st century's Wicked Problems.
That’s why we have pioneered the release of over 400 experiences and introduced more than 75.000 people to AR and VR at our location since 2016.


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 Education and Training
 Arts Education
 Culture and Development
 New Media

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