Sammy Nasr

 Business Management

: Jan 29, 2019

About Me

An expert on Project / Program Management in several areas including cybersecurity, Research and Innovation, Business Planning,Dissimenation and Exploitation Planning and Strategy of Projects and project results , Business Support at Enterprise and SME Levels. Social Media Marketing for Enterprise Level.

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 Water Resource Management
 Project Development
 Project Management
 Partnership Management
 Project Planning
 Technical Writing
 Business Writing

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 Construction Industry
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Metallurgy Europe is a seven-year EUREKA Cluster Program  and started in 2014, with the ambition of developing and industrializing the next-generation of metallic materials and metallurgical manufacturing routes for the 21st century. High-impact, market and economically driven cluster projects are being solicited in a broad range of metallurgical and manufacturing fields, in accordance with the Me ...
Deadline May 17, 2019   - 29 days