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: Oct 21, 2023

About Me


I am an experienced project and financial manager with extensive expertise in EU funded research projects. As a finance professional I provide my services to Universities and Research Organizations regarding EU funded research projects. I help both Greek and other EU Universities and Research Institutions & Organizations to secure the available funding and manage their research projects effectively, offering financial and administrative coordination. As an EU funding analyst and consultant I can provide solid advice and administrative support to a research project, managing and coordinating all the partners of the consortium. I guide successfully each partner according to the demands of each action and call, addressing the financial aspect of the research project to relief participants from the burden and bureaucratic procedures, dealing with every financial issue that may arise.

I collaborate closely with partners to deliver added-value services in order to help them meet their strategic, operational, and commercial goals. I have significant experience designing, managing, and coordinating European policy studies, research projects, and support initiatives in a variety of scientific domains. I am actively involved in all stages of a project life cycle meeting the demands of each action and creating ad hoc solutions for each project. I organize and monitor large scale projects, according to the EU standards and regulations and each project’s peculiarities and specific structure. I can easily identify financial issues of projects by checking and monitoring their progress, using specialized project management tools for research projects, like EMDESK and MS Project, together with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, which contribute to the effective monitoring of work packages, deliverables, budget, person hours, funding, and expenses, enabling the creation of automated reports to evaluate the progress of the project. This helps with the interim and final reporting of the expenses and the funding, fulfilling the reporting requirement of each call and action of the grants. .



I hold relevant qualifications as I am a business school graduate with a BSc degree in Business Administration and Management and a MSc degree in Accounting and Finance with specialization in Finance. I am currently employed at the Democritus University of Thrace at the Special Account for Research Funds Unit where I provide my project and financial management expertise. I deal with university research grants, graduate programs, clinical trials projects, EU funded programs and national research actions, providing administrative and financial support to professors. In the past, I worked in the real estate industry as a consultant. I speak Greek and English fluently and I am a licensed A’ Class Accountant in Greece from the Economic Chamber of Greece.  My research interests lie within the broader area of asset pricing. They involve empirical asset valuation, stock market, commodities, time series analysis, financial markets, equity valuation, financial structures and investment appraisal.



I provide high quality financial consultancy services for funded research projects from the conception to the execution of research programs for public, private and other entities

  • Research projects management
  • Project planning from conception to implementation
  • Proposal drafting and grant writing
  • Proposal evaluation
  • Working Packages, Tasks, Milestones and Deliverables management
  • Tracking and monitoring project progress and development
  • Execution of each phase of the project’s life cycle
  • Budget creation, allocation and management
  • Budgets maintenance and expenses optimization
  • Resources and personnel allocation management
  • Time management and timesheets monitoring
  • Person effort and rate estimation
  • Equipment and consumables procurement
  • Expenses reimbursements and payments
  • Financial Reporting
  • Innovation management and training
  • Evaluate and improve operations and financial performance
  • Mapping timelines
  • Communication and dissemination of results
  • Stakeholder liaison
  • Feasibility studies
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Project Life Cycle Assessment
  • Cost – Benefit Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Economic Reports
  • Statistical analysis and Data management
  • Communication with all partners and project participants
  • Project risks and opportunities assessment
  • Crisis Management
  • Troubleshooting problems and challenges
  • Problem solving and solution generation
  • Online consultation and mentoring

Fields of Expertise:

 Budgeting & Forecasting
 Project Development
 Partnership Management
 Business Management
 Project Planning
 International Project Management
 Financial analysis
 Financial Writing

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