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: Jan 24, 2023

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Our association was formed as a formation by a group of youngsters in 2001. This group, after a very active process, turned into an organization which has about 100 active youngsters, functional sub-units and members who are soon specialized on various business sectors till 2004. The first international participation has occurred in the same year and in the same time they started to be included in local governance mechanisms. They had international experience of youth camps and their activities with similar associations and organizations; material gains were enabled with a variety of local support being included in local youth councils and obtained experience about civil society through joint activities with the active associations in different areas. The need for legal status which has become a necessity was fixed by the association work, made in 2008. Registered as Active Youth Association and turned into a non-governmental organization operating in accordance with the law, our group developed further using the advantages provided by the legal position.

In the local authority, our association was located in the administrative body of Çanakkale Youth Assembly and had active participation to the local government mechanism setting up working groups. In the same year 2008 when we gained the legal status, having a partnership in the Project of Çanakkale Disabled Youth Summer School, our association played a key role in sustaining the project. At the end of this project, we reached a capacity that carries out joint activities with associations for disabled, makes up protocols with disabled bureau of the local government being represented in parliament with disabilities. During this period, the association and its volunteers gained experience and knowledge in the field of social inclusion of disabled youth through culture, art and sports.

A step was taken in 2012 to move to a level of competitor activities in the field of sports. As a result of the reference to the Youth and Sports Ministry Canakkale Provincial Directorate, our association was entitled to be registered as “Aktif Gençlik ve Spor Kulübü Derneği”. So also a “sport” status was added to our “youth” activities that already exist. During this period we focused on the activities about disadvantaged young people's participation in social life and management mechanism, the development of new alliances and youth activities at European level, increasing the personal development and job opportunities for local youth, contributing to the integration of the disabled and other disadvantaged young people to the European community, providing more involvement of them in the relations of production as active citizens.

Between 2016 and 2021, the association has undertaken "conscious profession/job choice", "vocational education" and "human rights awareness" activities for local students between 2016 and 2021. Introductory programs related to vocational high schools were exhibited for middle school students and some field teachers were provided to make conversation. In the studies for high school students, the occupational areas and the status of the universities concerned with them were explained. In both types of studies, guidance (counseling) teachers supported us as facilitators. Career development and entrepreneurship trainings were organized for university students. Seminars and workshops on human rights, the fight against discrimination and the prevention of violence were also organized for students from all these age groups. In line with these ongoing activities and goals, the association works on the subjects of education and entrepreneurship education, Vocational education and training, Interculturel education and learning, youth policies, EU awareness and Democracy, human rights and gender equality, disadvantaged youth and disabilities, intergration of refugees, Romas and other minorities, communication and social dialogue.

Among the objectives of upcoming period as well as the development of already existing activities, we also have undertaking the works in the area designed for disadvantaged young people through local ventures. As for the determined scope of fields, we have the works in the field of communication technologies, hand craft workshops and these young people’s being actively involved in various European networks.


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 Disadvantaged People
 Sustainable Transport
 Clean Transport
 Cultural Management
 EU Aid Volunteers
 Europe for Citizens
 European Union
 Migrants and Refugees

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