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: Mar 19, 2019

About Me

Dr Meredith Lloyd-Evans is Founder and Managing Director of BioBridge Ltd. He has been providing bioscience innovation consulting services for 30 years, including circular bioeconomy, industrial biotechnology, innovations in medical biomaterials, marine-origin biotechnology, crop and agrifood technologies, animal health and human health. Focus is on internal organisation and management of consortium projects for best exploitation and bioresource use; strategic management input as part of the senior management team or Board, and high-level scientific/technical communications skills, including newsletters, web-site content, workshop organisation and facilitation and conference chairing. He is active in analysing diversification prospects for technologies, market dynamics for business development, and regulatory strategies for innovations. He has been involved in reviewing EU-funded projects and proposals for funding, and has been a partner, project coordinator or sub-contractor in projects for DG Science&Innovation and DG MARE in areas such as crop biotechnology, diagnostics, biomaterials, Blue Biotech, industrial biotech and Blue Growth.

Fields of Expertise:

 Fisheries and Food
 Genetic Resources
 Marine and Coast
 Enterprise and Industry
 Start Up
 Intellectual Property Law

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