Yüksel Demir

: Nov 16, 2022

About Me

Prof. Dr. Yüksel Demir

Graduated from Istanbul Technical University. Served as the Head of Fine Arts Department at ITU. Was a visiting professor at Politecnico Di Milano, Anadolu University, and Auburn University. Founded the ITU Mardin Interdisciplinary Research and Application Center (MardINT), of which he is still the director. Worked for the transformation of ITU into a research university (2014-20). Coordinated the Turkey Antarctic Research Station Working Group (2018-20) at ITU Polar Research Center (PolRec). He is one of the founders of The Circle Architectural Platform. Won several competitions and awards. He is the head of the department of Architecture in ITU (January 2022). He continues to work in the fields of Architectural Design, Informatics in Architectural Design, Systematic Design, Architecture & Nature & Culture relations.  

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 Social Innovation
 Urban Development
 Education and Training
 Higher Education
 Creative Industries
 Cultural heritage
 Culture and Development
 Digital Culture

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