Turan Celiker

: Jan 20, 2019

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About Me

I am Turan. I worked nearly 20 years in İstanbul.

I liked  help to people in my city.

We made to show to historical place to all ages and every country people.

We need to partner to helping to use culture change for to youngest people.

We can manage to a lot of project to in İstanbul.

We can manage to culture party, culture live, and show to historical place.

We can given to Turkish lessons, English Lessons, Ukranian and Russian Languages centers.

We need to harmony to partner every country possible enter to use project.

Because We are thinking to helping to ;

Youngest people helps to oldest people lives in my city.

We are ready to helping to every country hard ;

We will make to very biggest families all of the world.


Keywords and matching areas:

 Young Farmers
 Adult Learning
 Youth Exchanges
 Youth Workers
 Europe for Citizens

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