: May 11, 2020

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swyMed is the only Live Video Medicine platform built specifically for healthcare providers who want to provide high-quality care to their patients even in the most challenging network conditions.

Live Video Medicine (LVM) is telemedicine provided through a real-time audio and video connection between one or more medical professionals and a patient. Over the last five years, the use of LVM has been slowly introduced in pre-hospital care, ambulatory or clinic care, and home settings for conditions that require, among other things, a rapid visual assessment (Critical Care and Emergency Medicine) or a strong patient-doctor relationship (mental illnesses or chronic conditions—diabetes, heart failure, COPD). Over 230 million patients in the USA alone suffer from diseases that can be treated through LVM and the cost for treating such diseases is expected to more than double over the next 15 years from $700 billion today to almost $ trillion by 2030 if left unchecked. Live video medicine will fundamentally change the way health care providers work.

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