Claudia Lanteri

: May 27, 2021

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innovation and project manager. She is a business consultant that in
free time collaborate with local and European association to
promote active citizenship and young empowerment. President of
the association «Slow Tourism Alto Adige» and vice president of the
association “The treasure of the history of Tirol”, she organizes
events and write project to promote the beauty of this wonderful
territory and its tradition. Till 2017, she was the director of the
company TRE (Cluster and Social Innovation) cooperative
enterprise, to create profit and no-profit activities with aim of
transferring social innovation in local market. The purpose of this
company was to help disadvantage people to enter the world of job
and to understand the global market. From 2011 Claudia writes
project for European Social Fund for unemployment and
entrepreneurship. In 2018 Claudia has attended two training on
Project Manager and Innovation Manager and now has a worldwide
certification in Innovation manager. With her strong sense of
leadership and initiative, Claudia is an innovation manager
particularly active on events, websites, marketing

Keywords and matching areas:

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Social Innovation
 International Project Management

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