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: Apr 17, 2016

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About Me

Sustainable Technologies SL is a Spanish SME and Sustainable Technologies SRL is the Italian daughter company. The main activities are sales of laboratory instruments, services (technical training, consultancy, engineering, architecture) and research in the following sectors:

a) Anaerobic digestion and fermentative processes in general. Biomethane and biogas upgrading, both by means of biological and physico-chemical techniques.

b) Energy audits and saving in teh industry.

c) Energy surveys and certification of buildings.

d) Wastewater treatment.

e) Small scale water purification.

f) Small scale energy self-sufficiency

g) design of small wind turbines

h) Solid biomass technology

i) Sustainable biofuels

j) Circular economy

k) Thermoacoustic converters.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Low-Carbon Technology
 Energy Efficiency
 Natural Resources
 Renewable Energy
 Environmental protection
 Construction Technology
 Industrial Engineering

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