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: Sep 16, 2020

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Središte za cjeloživotno učenje (SCU) is a non-governmental organization, registered Our mission is to connect those who have the knowledge and experience and those who want to improve their knowledge, skills, and competences in a better and quality social environment. In the past years, SCU has continuously maintained and conducted education in the fields of entrepreneurship, computer science, and foreign languages. The association is managed by the President, with great experience in the real and non-governmental sector, skillful in partnering and people ; The project will be managed by the Lead of the Lifelong Learning Center, whose 20 years-long experience with INGOs, and in the project management will be beneficial for the smooth project implementation. Besides that, the organization is led by the Board of directors and the Assembly. Our team of educators consists of professional lecturers with long experience in particular educational fields, facilitation of seminars and workshops and they have participated in a number of conferences. The Lifelong Learning Center poses a large educational space with two smaller and one large classroom, a large conference room, and a small administrative office. SCU posses’ equipment and technical resources necessary for the implementation of the project.

SCU work is related to education and entrepreneurship thus our program plan for 2020 consider more engagement into educational programs that track the development of technology and the demands of the world economy, to help young people of today master the functional knowledge and ability to integrate different disciplines into new competencies. In the past three months, we have submitted several project proposals to international donors related to youth entrepreneurship in ICT where new learnings from this project can be nicely integrated and applied. Currently, we are implementing a project named "Young entrepreneurs agents of change in the digital age" funded by US embassy in BiH. This project will empower young people to create jobs, increase innovation & competitiveness, responding to changing economic opportunities and trends through an active process of learning about entrepreneurship and ICT, enhancing existing and acquiring new knowledge and skills.

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 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Adult Learning
 Lifelong Learning
 Project Development
 Project Management

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