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: Feb 6, 2020

About Me

The Social IT business journey begins in 2011 with the aim of supporting the numerous actors and stakeholders in the Health and Wellbeing sector, from medical and healthcare professionals to social workers, from young users to elderly citizens in need of care and support.

Social IT Software development and Consulting Department develops innovative ICT solutions to be applied within the social and health sector. Our primary focus is to guarantee support through the use of ICT tools to those who address the socio-sanitary and educational services, assisting fragile people (from children to elderly to cognitively impaired adults), recognizing the importance of the users and their needs that are at the center of the whole system. To achieve these goals, we and our partners believe it is essential to study, develop and provide new technologically advanced governance solutions and computerized governance models to citizens' health and well-being organizations.

Besides the Software development and Consulting Department, Social IT has a dynamic Research & Development area, within which we coordinate and participate in research projects both at national and European level.

SocialIT offers also consulting services to companies, especially SMEs, sharing the knowledge gained in the field of EU fundings programs by offering assistance in the search for programs and initiatives aimed at financing innovative ideas in the social, health and ICT fields. Social IT is able to accompany companies in all phases of the preparation and management of a European funding application, up to, if successful, the operational planning and management of the project.

Our core competences are:

  • SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: as software developers, we have the resources and expertise to contribute to the development of software components needed for the project ( digitalization of algorithms and assessments, databases, customization of our proprietary clinical folder, new software modules)
  • PILOTS COORDINATION: we have large expertise in managing and coordinating all the activities for the collection of adequate datasets and experimental data as requested by the project objectives. We daily work with both private and public health organizations willing to pilot new ICT assistive solutions
  • IMPACT ASSESSMENT: leveraging on our experience in EU projects we conduct accurate analysis for assessing the project impact (, evaluation of end-users’ acceptance, satisfaction and experience, technical performance, cost-effectiveness), through the establishment of an assessment plan
  • ETHICS AND SECURITY: we developed knowledge for dealing with ethical and legal factors that play an important role in digital health systems. Moreover, we pay utmost attention to implications in terms of information security and privacy
  • DISSEMINATION: we have dedicated internal resources to promote the dissemination and exploitation of the project

Keywords and matching areas:

 IT Applications
 Horizon Europe
 European Union
 Internet of Things (IoT)

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