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: Sep 5, 2018

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Regional Development Agency South Banat - RDASB (SERBIA) RDA South Banat’s overall objective is to contribute to the socio-economic development and improved life quality standards in the South Banat (SB) district. So, its actions are in fact aimed at improvement of every aspect of life and work in this territory, which comprises 8 cities/municipalities (Pančevo, Vršac, Alibunar, Bela Crkva, Plandište, Kovin, Kovačica, Opovo), which are its founders as well. By applying the systematic approach, RDA conducted a number of studies important for the development of South Banat, inclusive of action plans. The most important is the Study on Main Strategic Areas of Development of South Banat, which is the main platform for project related operations of RDASB. RDASB was founded in 2017 and until recently has not had an opportunity to get an EU/international project reference. However, if speaking of the staff individual experience, two of its team members have each almost 20 years of experience in managing/participating in EU/international projects in various fields. The project which is in progress is implemented under INTERREG CBC Romania-Serbia programme and its topic is related to environmental protection, testing of soil and water quality and improvement of agricultural practices. RDASB has a wide network of collaborators and easy access to various types of stakeholders which is a valuable asset for every project – national/provincial/local institutions, big companies and SMEEs schools, NGOs, media etc. and through our founders (municipal administrations) – also to wide public. Here are some of our activities/projects done so far: ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION 1) Waste management Preparation of the following documents: a) Feasibility study of municipal waste treatment in Pancevo b) Project proposal of public-private partnership for financing, design, construction, management and maintenance of facilities for municipal waste treatment in the city of Pancevo with electricity production c) Preliminary feasibility study for the project of closing, rehabilitation and reclamation of the old landfill in Pancevo d) Feasibility study for the construction of an animal waste processing plant on the territory of South Banat RDASB is part of the consortium that has recently applied with a HORISON project dealing with waste recycling/circular economy. 2) Renewable energy a) Preparation of the Study of renewable energy sources of the South Banat (which showed high geothermal potential of the area) b) 2 studies and 8 projects for replacement of fossil energy for heating/cooling system with geothermal energy system in 10 public buildings in South Banat AGROFOOD a) Preparation of the Study of the agricultural potential of the South Banat (with Action Plan) b) Creation of e-portal for raising the visibility and promoting trade in organic, environmentally friendly and traditional products c) Protection of the geographical indication of origin of Deliblato honey for two local beekeeping associations d) Preparation of Feasibility study for building a regional Agropolis (offering variety of services to agricultural producers at one place: storage, sale, packaging, transportation etc.) e) Every year, RDASB supports 10-12 small producers to participate in the international Etno Food Trade Fair in Belgrade, Serbia ECOLOGY/MITIGATION OF CLIMATE CHANGES/AGROFOOD 3 projects funded by the Ministry of Environment of Serbia supporting afforestation of devastated areas and creation of windbreaks using an innovative methodology of tree planting. This methodology is 100% ecological, it is almost 100% successful on bad quality soils (acid, sandy, etc.) and in arid areas. It requires no works, irrigation or other investments in 5 years, so it is also economically feasible. Another advantage in comparison to traditional planting method is that the trees grow 2-3 times faster, depending on the species. The technology proved efficiency in case of some fruit trees as well (nuts above all).EUlozinka100The association is founded to achieve goals in the field of protection, preservation and improvement of the environment, economic development, entrepreneurship development, innovation in the field of industrial and non-industrial production, agriculture and tourism development, information technology and promotion of sustainable development.

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