Sibel Aksu Gungor, PhD

: Nov 24, 2020

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About Me

PUHU (Projects for Utility and Humanity) is a research and consultancy company founded in 2018. PUHU aims to utilize the relationship between academic knowledge and practices, focusing on two main fields: social sciences and technology. Either as the mediator between them or the facilitator of each, PUHU proposes solutions for individuals, companies, and institutions. Employing qualitative and quantitative research techniques; PUHU • gathers data by listening, observing, and using databases • analyzes the data • detects the problem (if any) • reports • offers consultancy for refinement and/or adaptive strategies PUHU provides training for individuals and companies as solutions on currently identified issues such as sustainable research and development., bias-free communication, and cultural competence.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Culture and Development
 Digital Culture
 Horizon Europe
 Digital Humanities

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