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: Feb 19, 2019

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REZOS BRANDS is an agri food SME, experts in superfoods and oriented at functional food development & production, which established in 1983 in Patras, Western company lhas adopted the vertical business model: “from the Farm to Fork”,which includes cultivation, harvesting, research, process, packaging, warehouse storing, marketing, distribution. We invested in organic cultivation of superfoods (sea buckthorn, echinacea, mountain tea sideritis scardica, pilot cultivations etc) at our own farm located at the center of the protected area of Natura 2000 network under the name Antichasia Ori-Meteora. (Central Greece), by adopting the principles of Precision Agriculture with soil sensors, smart irrigation systems and other agri-technologies in order to monitor our organic cultivation, analyze our highest nutritional value crops & optimize the functionality of our products.

We use the innovative osmotic dehydration technology (non-thermal procedure), cold plasma applications at the farm & crops, so that we keep all & maximize the goodness, vitamins & bioactive compounds of our superfruits.

We develop functional foods & juices and we undertake researches regarding nanoencapsulation of bioactive ingredients, byproducts and their use to everyday food products.

The European R&D department carries out research activities in order to upscale existing products and services towards the development of new products and services oriented to the European and global markets.  Main activities:

  • participation & implementation of EU projects (H2020, Erasmus+, PRIMA, LIFE, BBI, EEA Grants, ENI-MED)
  • researches on new functional foods & drinks, food sciences & food technologies
  • implementation of pilots/demonstration on smart farming & precision agriculture
  • Conducting laboratory researches on innovative non thermal dehydration methods (osmosis, freeze drying, cold plasma etc.)
  • developing projects on personalized nutritionplant based proteins, 3D food printing for special target groups (eg. people with diabetes) towards metabolomics in the farm, nutrigenomics etc.

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