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: Oct 17, 2022

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With its experience in internationally accepted project management practices, PMO Partners Inc. provides easy and fast access to the right financial resources for the needs of large enterprises, SMEs and entrepreneurs who apply to them from Turkey and abroad for the evaluation of their investments, project planning and for the non-refundable grant support to open up to the international market. In many sectors; Project Management consultancy, National and International Grant and Incentive Programs consultancy, Turquality/Brand Program Management consultancy, R&D and Design Center establishment, Incubation and Acceleration Programs management, Corporate Project Management Office establishment, preparation of programs and strategies for the entry into international markets -especially the US market- and preparation and management of Investment Incentive Programs are among its services. PMO Partners Inc. is a mentor institution that represents quality, difference and awareness in project management with the aim of integrating its international project experience to set corporate standards for the large enterprises, SMEs and entrepreneurs in Turkey without deviating from the project management discipline and methodology which is the company’s area of expertise.

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