: May 7, 2020

About Me

The mission of the Information Office of Opolskie Region in Brussels is to represent the region interests at the UE level and in other institutions operating in Brussels as well as to provide information essential to the development of the Opolskie Region's potential.

Main activities are as follows:

- Providing information and peer reviews on EU policies, projects and initiatives,

- Co-operation with EU bodies, especially with Members of the European Parliament representing Opolskie Region,

- Multilateral co-operation in the framework of the networks and organisations at EU level in the strategical fields as Cohesion policy (demographic challenges issues included),

- Participation in the information and promotion events in Brussels and Belgium,

- Providing Support in searching partners to implement European and international projects,

- Providing Support in searching business partners through collaboration with Chambers of Commerce in Belgium and Poland as well as with the Department of Trade and Investment Promotion of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the Kingdom of Belgium.

About the region

Opolskie is a multicultural region where the citizens are well-educated, open-minded and active, where economy is competitive and innovative and where the living environment is more than friendly. It also is the smallest and the least populated region in Poland (what will not stop us achieving our goals!). The name Opolskie comes from the capital city of the region - Opole.

Our current challenges are demographic change and depopulation.

Keywords and matching areas:

 International Cooperation
 Regional Policy
 Cross-border cooperation
 Interregional cooperation

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