Sara Colombo

: Jul 10, 2018

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I'm a Childhood Neurodevelopmental Therapist (psychomotricity therapist), I got my degree in Italy and I made a research for my thesis about the Early intervention on children with Autism Spectrum Disorder with the Denver Model and ABA ; This degree allows me do rehabilitation with children with disabilities in the fields of paediatric physiotherapy, neuro psychomotricity and neuropsychology.
Actually I'm here in Poland working as a volunteer in a Rehabilitation Centre for Children where we are using the Andreas Peto (Conductive Education) and Weronika Scherborne (Development Movement) and Bobath methods, and I'm collaborating with the therapist of our centre (psychologist, physiotherapist, eye-rehabilitation therapist, speech therapist).


Thanks to my Erasmus + experience I improved my skills in cooperating an international team, my fluency in English, I both made and took part in workshops/trainings in the field of social-education.

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 Child Care
 Education and Training
 Adult Learning
 Youth Exchanges
 European Voluntary Services
 Youth Workers
 Creative Europe
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