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: Sep 5, 2018

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Semper Avanti Association (SAA) was established in 2001 to address and provide solutions for youth ; SAA’s initial action is "Youth on the Labour Market" Program. This program enables young people to obtain work experience and find their first ; Vocational trainings and domestic and abroad internships are organized accordingly. Wide range of training courses are offered to develop hard and soft skills from communication, conflict resolution, self-presentation, teamwork to intercultural cooperation and many more. SAA’s scope ranges from finding partners for international cooperation, managing the projects, providing trainings to preparing ;

SAA works closely with both vocational schools and companies in the regions of Lower Silesia, Opole and Łódź. SAA is an active member of various partnerships working towards increasing the quality standards of vocational training, such as ‘EuPQua ECVET - European Partnership for Quality and Implementation of the European Credit System in VET’ or ‘IMOVE - Innovation for Mobility in VET: Public and Private Partnerships for sustainable mobility’. In 2013 SAA entered the Bologna based LEONARDO project iMoveleaded by Emilia-Romagna Regional Government to provide mobility opportunities to all vocational schools and training centres in Europe. Today iMove involve 8 mobility consortia, 75 schools, 1,196 companies.

SAA collaborates with over 45 schools for 30 projects per year. Therefore, SAA sends 1,000 students annually to Italy, Spain, Germany, Ireland, and United Kingdom for 4 weeks internships. SAA is also partner in hosting VET students fro[ND1] mcountries in Lower Silesia and Opole voivodeship. SAA hosted annually 200 VETs from Italy, Spain, Germany, Slovenia, and Turkey. SAA recently collaborated with Polish minister of Family, Labour and Social policies under the program “POWER” to develop policy recommendation on NEETS and youth in the labour market in ;

In 2014 SAA, Folksuniversitatet (Sweden), Revalento (Netherlands), Documenta (Spain), Universitet Saxon joined by Ufficio Scolastico regionale Veneto (Italy) and IES HNOS MACHADO (Spain) carried out the project Early School Leaver.The project enables schools to detect pupils at risk at as early stage and act on preventing school ;

EUROPA ZAWODOWO Project, SAA, GEB (from Germany) and YouNet (from Italy) has prepared and sent people aged 18-35 from Lower Silesia for internships in Germany, Italy and Spain and facilitate their access to job opportunities when they return to Poland.

In 2014 – 2015, SAA partnered with 17 European organizations in the project MOB GAE to collected 243 individual interviews and 500 blog entries from mobility participating VET students, and 25 focus group reports. The project resulted in an innovative training module to prepare VET students before their ERASMUS+ mobility, as well as a seminar for stakeholders on intercultural preparation

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