Nevena Valcheva

: Mar 8, 2024

About Me

Nevena Valcheva is a Master of architecture at UACEG – Sofia 2014. She analyzes and works on the contemporary challenges of the urban environment in the context of the post-modern city. She is interested in processes such as socialization, re-appropriation, alternative function, reuse of spaces, adaptation, transformation. She was a co-initiator of the idea for site specific installation “Scene Coffrage” 2017. She collaborates and works on urban analysis, interdisciplinary projects with the participation of visual artists, architects, designers. She also participated in the site research and creation of strategy for regeneration of the urban environment in the Talyana neighbourhood – 2017 Youth architectural plein air “Get captured in Talyana”. She participated in the creation of a “walkability plan on the territory of Odessos region 2018, as well as in the projects aDOORable 2019 and ADOORABLE ACADEMY 2020 for design-enabled urban innovation focused on revitalization, conservation and preservation of the immovable cultural heritage in the historic city center.

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 Start Up
 Urban Innovative Actions
 Green Deal

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