Bistra Vassileva

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs

: Jan 28, 2016

About Me

Bistra Vassileva, PhD, works as an associate professor of Marketing at the University of Economics-Varna, Bulgaria. She is lecturing and consulting in the field of Marketing Research, International Marketing, Marketing Communications, TQM, Marketing Management, Digital Marketing. She conducts marketing research and develops marketing plans and digital communication strategies for SMEs in the food industry, retailing, tourism and hospitality, and creative industries. Her scientific interests are focused on the application of AI in the business, on marketing analytics and digital marketing. More information about her research interests and publication activity could be found on her profiles in LinkedIn, ResearchGate and Besides her work at the university, she is a co-owner of a mystery shopping agency. In addition, she has also experience in project planning, development and management. She has been working with external funding for both national and international research projects since 2001.

Fields of Expertise:

 Horizon Europe

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