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: Jul 20, 2016

About Me

Inea Consulting is a well-established Renewable Energy Advisory firm headquartered in Varna, Bulgaria, with local points in Austria, Germany, the UK, Italy, France, Netherlands, North America and Dubai. The Company's mission is to render prime investment and engineering advisory services to regionally and internationally operating Clients in the fields of clean tech investments, mergers and acquisitions, business development and project finance. We focus particularly on the emerging markets in the Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe, CIS countries, MENA countries and LATAM countries.

Currently we are working on several projects to advise inventors and developers of innovative renewable energy technologies in:

1) Energy independent accomodation units for remote and disaster or pandemic affected areas. These units will have own water and energy supply and will provide a virus free living environment for the inhabitants.

2) Highly efficient urban wind turbine with 5 KW power capacity. This low cost, but reliable device can be easily moved and installed at any place.

3) Easy installing mounting structure for rooftop and ground mounted solar phovotoltaic modules. The technical design of this structure will save more than 40% of steel and will reduce installation time with more than 55 %, which will reflect much better price for owners and developers of solar projects.

4) Acoustic wind speed measurement. This invention is a revolution with its size and cost, which will allow not only specialized companies, but also any citizens to measure wind speed and to obtain data right on the screen of their smart phone.

5) Solar canopy (photovoltaic shelter) for rooftop mounting of solar photovoltaic modules with embedded charging station for electric ;Solar canopies are elevated structures that host solar panels and provide shade.

Fields of Expertise:

 Low-Carbon Technology

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