National Ecological Centre of Ukraine

: Oct 22, 2018

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National Ecological Centre of Ukraine (NECU) is a non-governmental non-profit organization created in 1991. The organization has 24 branches all over Ukraine. NECU conducts analytical research and engages with state officials to bring environmental considerations into their decisions.

NECU is trying to redirect the energy policy of Ukraine away from nuclear energy development and fossil fuel towards energy efficient economy and alternative energy sources. NECU is a member of Ukrainian NGO Working Group on climate change that works to integrate climate change issues into Ukrainian government policies. NECU is also a member of CEE Bankwatch Network, Ukrainian River Network.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Energy Efficiency
 Natural Resources
 Renewable Energy
 Water Resource Management
 Sustainable Tourism
 Cultural heritage
 EU Strategy Danube Region
 Interregional cooperation

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