: Apr 7, 2020

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KyivExpoPlaza is one of the two leading exhibition centers in Ukraine. It began operations in 2003 and changed location in 2019. More than 50 national and international exhibitions and more than a hundred other events have been held annually during the previous location at the Exhibition Center. More than 7,500 companies (including 1,500 foreign ones from 30 countries) participated in these events, and the number of visitors representing a professional audience reached 320,000 a year.

The territory of 11 hectares is conditionally divided into 8 zones and consists of: exhibition pavilion of 9 000 m2, open exhibition area of ​​3 000 m2, art-prom-zone and oak trees of 3 000 m2, 10,000 m2 of green lawn, 80 000 m2 of boundless field and unique option - 10,000 m2 of testing ground for agricultural, construction and road equipment, sports and motor vehicles.

We want to take part in a challenge regarding innovation in: - scientific education of people; - innovation; - alternative energy; - recycling; - tourism development; - interactive approaches to educating people about saving natural resources and using innovations in everyday life and at work.

Our ideas:
1) creation of the Ukrainian Science Innovation Park - a prominent infrastructure tourist object of national scale with national identity and promotion of the Ukrainian scientific achievements in the field of innovative energy and visual physics.
We want to bring innovative developments to life to preserve the planet's resources and ecological balance;
2) the culture and education of a new generation of Ukrainians who will choose a responsible attitude to natural resources, implementing innovations in energy and recycling to preserve the ecological balance of the planet;
3) popularization of science and scientific achievements among children of all ages, stimulation of interest in knowledge through cognition and development - permanent location for national scientific picnics

4) maximum inclusivity of the park - complete adaptation to visits by people with disabilities; 5) promotion of the concept of "useful" innovative business - interactive stands of companies working in the field of alternative energy and ecology; 6) popularization of domestic producer for similar parks in the world - creation of exhibits on the basis of Kharkiv National University. VN Karazin; 7) infrastructure and social development of the local rural community (Kolonshchina / Berezivka).

Keywords and matching areas:

 Energy Efficiency
 Natural Resources
 Renewable Energy
 Environmental protection
 Innovation & Research
 Education and Training
 Project Development

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