Milan Tarman

: Jan 23, 2020

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About Me

The development of training material and training strategy - Leading preparation of coaching programs and Implementation of trainings – Public administration and Private business audit

Knowledge of information security methodologies, technologies, architectures, practices, policies and working knowledge of NIST Cyber security Framework

Experience with managing the risk of third parties who provide information technology capabilities or interface with information technology components of the business environment

On-line training Project Leader - Experience on developing and application of distance training curricula (also via EU/NATO projects)

NSA member of the Government Operational group of the National Security Council responsible for Cyber Security/Critical Infrastructure protection – including cooperation with International institutions/organisations

EU/NATO Project Consultant: Further Institution and Capacity Building of the Police Service in the area of border management, community policing and fight against organized

Project manager for the projects of EU (Taiex etc.), NATO, OSCE and Regional cooperation – including strengthening capacities of the relevant institutions

International cooperation – security; Public – Private Partnership projects leader

   Development of information security / Cybersecurity / GDPR policies and procedures   

   Managing the International, Inter-Ministerial and Inter-Institution Projects and Collaborations

  Performing security risk and compliance assessments in accordance with relevant industry      frameworks  and compliance requirements – member of Institute of Corporate Studies

Keywords and matching areas:

 International Cooperation
 Education and Training
 Lifelong Learning
 Public Safety
 Artificial Intelligence

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Favourite Calls

 International Cooperation
 Education and Training
 Digital Society
 Public Safety
In Europe, practitioners interested in the uptake of security research and innovation are dedicated to performing their duty and are focused on their tasks. In general, however, practitioner organisations have little scope to free workforces from daily operations in order to allocate time and resources to monitor innovation and research that could be useful to them. They have few opportunities to ...
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