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: Nov 3, 2020

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Michael Kornaros is Professor in the Chemical Engineering Department (DCEUP) of the University of Patras (Greece) and Director of the Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering and Environmental Technology (LBEET) in the same Department. Prof. Kornaros’ main research interests are organic wastes valorization for production of bio-based compounds and innovative environmental applications, anaerobic fermentation, exploitation of agro-industrial wastes and wastewaters for liquid and gaseous biofuels production and modeling of environmental processes. He has extensive expertise in co-ordination and participation in European and Cross-Border projects (more than 65 and more than 5 MEuros in funding for LBEET). Successfully completed projects include: WASTE4THINK, DAIRIUS, BIOGAIA, INTEGRASTE, MISSTOW, Bio-SURFEST, AGROENERGY, SWAM, GoW, POPULAR amongst others. He has published more than 100 articles in peer-reviewed international scientific journals, 13 books and book chapters and more than 130 international conference proceedings (Total citations: 3125, h-index: 32).

Keywords and matching areas:

 Renewable Energy
 Waste Management
 Environmental protection
 Green Deal

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