Maria Angela Butturi - Dept. of Sciences and Methods for Engineering

: Apr 18, 2016

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About Me

I earned my PhD in Industrial Innovation Engineering at the Department of Sciences and Methods for Engineering (DISMI) of Unimore; since then, I am deeply involved in Research & Innovations activities as well as in supporting my research team in obtaining fundings for our innovation projects.

My team, focuses its research interests mainly in the field of:

• Inventory control theory.

• Assembly line balancing and management.

• Design and management of logistics chains and reverse logistics.

• Quality management and risk assessment.

• Efficient resource and energy management and recovery.

• Sustainability assessment of products and processes.

• Ergonomics

With the following scientific expertise:

• Multi-criteria decision making approaches.

• Machine learning approaches.

• Mathematical programming.

• Stochastic simulation approaches.

Keywords and matching areas:

 IT Applications
 Horizon Europe
 Industrial Engineering
 Technical Writing

Ideas in Progress

Favourite Calls

 Human Resources
 Social Innovation
 Health Care
 Gender Equality
 Aerospace Technology
 IT Applications
 Open Source
 Artificial Intelligence
ExpectedOutcome:This topic aims at supporting activities that are enabling or contributing to one or several expected impacts of destination 4 “Ensuring access to innovative, sustainable and high-quality health care”. To that end, proposals under this topic should aim for delivering results that are directed at, tailored towards and contributing to some of the following expected outcomes:Healt ...
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