Raiza da Rocha Oliveira Teixeira

 Rural Development

: Jan 2, 2023

About Me

I am a post doc seeking for an adventerous project to use my skills.

From 2017 to 2022 I served as the principal Liaison Officer between H2CI and various global academic partners (part time in parallel with my academic studies) and focused on strengthening student performance and expanding research and innovation projects with H2CI.

Working together with various university personnel, I maintained and developed collaborations that better prepared students for careers while fostering new strategies, business model types, agricultural practices, and applied research learning among the H2CI projects, faculty and students at the partnering institutions.

I prioritized and coordinated H2CI activities with various university agricultural research and innovation project activities with the European Commission (Horizon 2020), India´s-Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), FAOGFAR, and with various Brazilian institutions (UFAL|-CECA, EMBRAPA, and the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture,) their initiatives for agro-technology development.

I facilitated communication and networking among project participants and external entities; Developed programs and maintained various project’s information systems utilizing technology; Coordinated data retrieval procedures for data collection, assisted in the analyses on data collected, and report findings. Attended and presented project results at related meetings and conferences. Performed similar or related duties as assigned or required.

These essential functions included, but were not limited to: Managed and coordinated daily activities of projects; Researched and identified needs and resources for projects; and Assisted with designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating efforts for reports and/or proposals.

My ability to develop and communicate with these extensive interpersonal relationships was combined with strong organizational skills around my various administrative responsibilities. The results of these activities over the 5 years influenced my my choice to attend the University of Pisa, focus my Ph.D. studies, and produce my Thesis- “Identifying different strategies that make biodynamic wine farms competitive in the wine industry.”

From late 2022 I've been working on a strategic marketing plan for a startup in the USA and providing marketing consultancy for an Ukranian partner in Italy. On the academic side I've been working in the  MOVING EU project.

Fields of Expertise:

 Young Farmers
 Digital Economy
 Innovation & Research
 Horizon Europe
 Academic Writing

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