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: Jan 11, 2019

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Lokma Agricultural Products Corporation, was founded by Metin Akıncı and Ahmet Cevdet Süer, who have been carrying out natural agricultural activities jointly in the town of Bayramiç in Çanakkale, Turkey since 2012.
The main objective of the company is to sustain and expand ecological and natural agricultural activities, to support other small farmers and farms in such activities and to deliver the products obtained in this way as directly as possible to the final consumers.
To provide support to local suppliers and employees, not to use any chemical additives in the activities carried out with 3 basic (cereal and cereal products, olive, olive oil, dairy products) product group. Correct assessment of local species and the products derived therefrom and thus contributing to the regional economy are among its main objectives.
Lokma Tarım operates an olive grove area of 180000 m2 of local trees, and 300000 m2 of local public land cultivation and supports pasture breeding in 3 villages and produces cheese in local dairy farms.
Although the head office is located in Istanbul for commercial reasons, it carries out all its activities in the Çanakkale basin. The distribution of products is carried out through Consumer Cooperatives.
In the near future, it is aimed to ensure the dissemination of products by being in cooperation with the groups that use, support and sell natural products such as IYG (Istanbul Food Beverage Group) and Ipek Hanım Farm.
In the following years, Lokma Tarım plans to make investments in order to ensure that the Bayramiç Basin is one of the important areas of ecological agriculture and to provide more added value during the production phase.
Lokma Tarım accepts the basic principles of natural production, supporting the producer, fair food and sharing.

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