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: Apr 7, 2016

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FundeSalud is the Public Foundation (non-profit) ascribed to the Regional Ministry of Health and Social Services at the Government of Extremadura that manages both research and education programs at the Regional Healthcare (SES) and Dependency/Social System (SEPAD). In addition, FundeSalud works in collaboration with University of Extremadura (UEx) and other public or private research centers, providing resources, staff and facilities to develop any biomedical research activity in the autonomous region of Extremadura (Spain). 

SES involves 14 hospitals with around 3000 beds, 113 Community Health Centers, 420 Primary care Centers and over 18000 professionals. SES is managed by a powerful Healthcare Information System (JARA) that provides 100% electronic prescription and an integrated medical record (primary and specialized care). In addition it is very active in developing different tele-care and mHealth programs in order to cover all the population in Extremadura (over a million of people), which is very aged and dispersed. The functions of SEPAD are related to care dependent people and promote different actions focused on healthy lifestyle for senior people. SEPAD involves Nursing Homes, Day Care Centers, Senior Centers and other aged-friendly resources. SEPAD also collaborates with private institutions in order to guarantee a correct care for older people. The institution have been acting as a perfect living lab for different approach and process, being also an end-user of the product obtained in the different.

University of Extremadura in collaboration with research groups in SES provides the expertise in basic and applied research in health and sociosanitary field, including multidisciplinary expertise in clinical research, ICT, and robotics.

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