Cámara Oficial de Comercio e Industria de Cáceres

: Sep 23, 2020

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Founded in 1899, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Caceres (Camara Oficial de Comercio e Industria Caceres) is a Public Law Body, whose main aim is to defend the general commercial and industrial interests of the province of ;

The Chamber is run by a group of 29 entrepreneurs who are elected every four years by all the entrepreneurs from the Province of Caceres. They represent the Assembly which defines all the general objectives to be reached. In this one, the President and the Executive Board are elected. The Assembly is composed of workers commissions whose aim is to closely analyze the problems of the economic sectors and to define the objectives in detail. A group of employees and technicians headed by the General Manager oversees its starting and implementation. People, citizens, or juridical persons, who practice commerce or industry in the province of Caceres, belong to the Chamber.

The receipts coming from determined services that are directly proposed to the entrepreneurs, finance the Chamber. These services focus on the provision of specialist advice in several areas: Creation and Business Development, Internationalisation, Legal, fiscal and economic processing, public assistance programmes to corporations, partnerships with local, regional and national Government, transfer agents and knowledge institutions. Also promoting broad training programmes, business expertise and employment guidance.

The Chamber collaborates actively with more than Caceres-based companies, covering various needs through implementing services as All-in-One Offices for Business, Innovation advice, Business Incubators, VET and Higher Training, Promoting of Exports, and International Trade Missions… Its main objective is developing initiatives to extend the culture of quality and innovation so that SMEs in Extremadura Region can tap the opportunities afforded by globalisation. The Chamber serves these businesses through a network of three branches, two business incubators (temporary shelter structure designed to companies start-ups) and two One-Stop Offices for Business (and processing for companies with national tax authorities and social security) covering the region, providing value to implement economic development programmes.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Caceres is part of the High Council of Chambers (Consejo Superior de Cámaras), which is developed nationally, and Eurochambres, the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry, which it develops global actions to enhance and affirm the presence of Spain in other European countries and promotes the cooperation in different areas.


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