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: Oct 24, 2018

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Managing technical assistance MNE (Drafting TAGCs, Prepare request and
claims for costs under TAGCs, Prepare procurement documentation for supplies or
services to be contracted under TAGCs; manage the resulting procurement procedure
and contracts, including checks on invoices and related technical documentation);
▪ Providing administrative and logistic assistance to the Operating Structures,
Contracting Authorities and Joint Monitoring Committee;
▪ Providing advice assistance to operations regarding implementation of activities to all
partners involved;
▪ Assisting in preparation IPA II CBC Operational Programme document Serbia-Montenegro 2014-2020;
▪ Hold info workshops, partner search forum and information sessions for the potential applicants in order to present the main requirements of the project proposal preparation and CfPs Rules;
▪ Providing assistance to EUD in preparation of Application package and Guidelines for applicants for CfPS;
▪ Providing assistance to EUD in preparation of FAQ;
▪ Take all appropriate measures to ensure that nationally and regionally published CfPs
reaches the target groups in line with the requirements of the PRAG and other relevant procedures in
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full collaboration with OSs;
▪ Support the application process for all operations, including information and advice
to the applicants in understanding the application forms and formulating relevant project proposals;
▪ Providing assistance to the Joint Steering Committee in charge of the evaluation of the
project proposals within the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd CfPs;
▪ Within the selection of projects process collects and registers incoming project proposals and
notifies each applicant in writing of the result of the selection process;
▪ Providing assistance to EUD in budgetary clearing and contracting;
▪ Hold project clinics;
▪ Support in the implementation of the funded projects by providing training and advice to the
grantees for the successful completion of the projects such as implementation and reporting
manuals, instructions, consultancy, etc. ;
▪ Hold implementation and reporting workshops for the beneficiaries in order to present the main
requirements of the project implementation and reporting;
▪ Cooperation with organizations, institutions and network relevant for the objectives of the
▪ Monitoring of the projects (preparation and participation in monitoring visits; preparation of
monitoring reports)
▪ Preparation of the JTS Annual Work Plan and Communication Action Plan;
▪ Drafting Annual Implementation Reports;
▪ Update and maintenance of Programme website;

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 EU Strategy Danube Region
 European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
 European social fund (ESF)
 EEA and Norway Grants

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