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: Apr 3, 2020

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Gaia Robotics is an innovative technology company specializing in remote sensing services and geoinformatics applications with main area of ​​interest in Digital Agriculture. Our services assist farmers and agronomists in efficiently managing their crops by providing actionable insights. Through leveraging advances in Robotics and satellite and drone remote sensing, Gaia Robotics maps agricultural land using custom algorithms that offer the ability to accurately measure the viability and fertilizer needs of crops. Thus we help our users make better decisions leveraging remote sensing, data science and AI and we particularly work on crossing the gap between booming technology and the real efficiency it brings, at low cost and without specific analytical skills required. Our sole aim is to enable our users to produce more with less and we have already implemented innovative studies on some of the most important agricultural products in Greece and Europe.

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 Plant Health
 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Agricultural Biotechnology
 Digital Economy
 Internet of Things (IoT)
 Artificial Intelligence

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