Fundación Santuario Vegan

: Jan 8, 2020

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Fundación Santuario Vegan is a sanctuary for farm animals, we promote ;

Rescue animals from abuse or mistreatment, or animals that nobody wants anymore. Give them a home for life where they receive adequate nutrition, veterinary care and facilities they need.

Promote veganism through vegan cooking workshops and videos on social ;

The project that we started in December 2019 is to enable a property, ceded to Sanctuary Vegan without any restrictions, 40 hectares to continue rescuing animals and hold regular visiting programs, where people can really see what farm animals are like.


We work with volunteer groups and we offer the possibility, to society increasingly aware of animal abuse, of collaborating with a space focused exclusively on animals that, otherwise, would have nowhere to go. Farm animals, unlike dogs and cats, have little or no support and whose only choice depends on NGOs.


We offer space to farmed animals from seizures or with pending court charges. In most cases, these animals arrive really mistreated, and the testimony of the sanctuary and cares give assistance to judges, and people responsible for law enforcement.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Animal Health and Welfare
 Environmental protection
 Adult Learning

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