: Aug 22, 2019

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The Municipality of Corigliano-Rossano, hereafter CoRo, is a local public body, located in Calabria region, South Italy.  It is the third biggest city in Calabria, counting ;

The city consists of 5 main urban areas located within the Sibari Plain.

For its position enclosed between two national parks of Sila (Unesco Biosphere Reserves) and Pollino (UNESCO Global Geopark) and the Gulf of Corigliano, it plays a strategic role in the Mediterranean area as commercial hub between Apulia and Sicily and between the east coast of the Ionian Sea and Europe.

The two medieval historic centers, suspended on hills with warm colors and intense scents, are testimony to the important historical role played in the Byzantine and Norman times mainly. Relevant treasures are preserved here such as the several Byzantine masterpieces (as the X-XI century churches of Panaghia, St. Mark, Abbey of Patir and the fresco of the Achiropita) and noble palaces.

Its jewels are the Codex Purpureus Rossanensis, the oldest and most precious illuminated evangeliary in the world, recognized as a UNESCO heritage in 2015. As well the majestic 11th century Ducal Castle, defined as one of the most beautiful and best-preserved castles in southern Italy.

Its economic system is particularly known within the agro-food sector for products ranging from clementines to EVO, from licorice to lavender, from rice to dairy products. The city is also home to a port where there is a fishing fleet and one of the most important fish market in the South.

The aim of CoRo is to provide better living conditions for citizens, by respecting the environment and social minorities. This aim is to be accomplished through our Sustainable Urban Development Strategy which includes the following key aspects:

  • Establishing sustainable buildings, digital communication, support of electric cars, educational programs and campaigns to sensitize about energy saving.
  • Incorporating issues such as complains and poverty.
  • Including projects concerning the social, economic and professional integration of the communal minority.
  • Building of an assisted village, multi-professional management, professional paths and job placement for young people, and disabled shall support the integration of immigrants and social minorities.
  • Striving for the increase of the productivity of the industrial sector and the further improvement of the tourism, trading market and agricultural district.
  • Improvement and enhancement of the relationship between the historical and modern part of the city, as well as the coast.
  • enhance the cultural heritage of the municipal area
  • Respecting and protecting the ecological value of the sea and forest and  promoting sustainable development
  • Support entrepreneurship
  • supporting the development of companies, especially companies set up by young people in culture and tourism sectors

Keywords and matching areas:

 Social Innovation
 Education and Training
 Lifelong Learning
 Youth Workers

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