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We are the Municipality of Corigliano-Rossano (CoRo), a local public body, which is located in Calabria/South Italy.

Generally, the CoRo as a public body, supports and supplies services to the citizens. Also, the organization tries to increase the energy efficiency to support policies of sustainability under inclusion of the population with (the discovered) energy saving resources. In terms of education, the organization focuses on the increasing safety and usability of school facilities. Furthermore, the organization provides structural and immaterial interventions which provide the social and economic integration of the weaker minorities of the population. In addition to this, the organization also promotes the social and professional integration of disabled citizens through immaterial interventions. The strategy of the CoRo is mainly supporting and targeting groups of minorities such as: small and medium companies (crafts etc.), young adults and especially entrepreneurs, young students and their families and people who move in the city either for work or touristic reasons. Also, other minorities of the population such as mothers, immigrants, NEET’s, long-term unemployed and young people with low educational background. The organization furthermore supports young and old disabled citizens.

We would be pleased to share project ideas and develop new projects and have new partnerships. We are happy to participate in your projects if you need a partner like us in the fields of: youth exchange, sustainable development, youth workers and education, cultural ;

 Social Innovation
 Education and Training
 Youth Exchanges
 Lifelong Learning
 Youth Workers
 Cultural heritage

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