Orlando De Pietro

: Sep 2, 2019

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Orlando De Pietro, is an Associate Professor (SSD M-PED/04 - Experimental Pedagogy. Competition sector 11/D2 - Education, Special Education and educational research) at the Department of Humanities, University of Calabria. He teaches different disciplines, in particular: Methodology of Educational Research, Theory and Methods of Assessment, Educational Technologies and General Didactics. He also teaches a Master’s Degree Course in the Science of Primary Education. He is the scientific coordinator of several research projects aimed at the study, design and implementation of virtual environments for online learning that are supported by intelligent agents and e-Learning platforms. His scientific interest, initially, was directed to the study of the man-machine in virtual learning environments, based on the use of optical media and geared towards the application of models for human-machine communication in multimedia environments. His studies have always led to possible applications and design of online learning environments

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 Higher Education
 Digital Humanities

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