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: Dec 5, 2018

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Çatalca District Directorate of National Education is a local authority/ public institution which is responsible for administration and organization of all educational activities conducted by schools within the Çatalca district of İstanbul. Moreover , CDDNE is responsible for the supervision of public and private educational system, agreements and authorizations under a national activities of our institution are; administration, supervision and satisfying the physical and financial needs of the schools, assignment of teachers and planning all educational activities in our ;atalca District Directorate of National Education is a governmental organization in charge with the planning and coordination of all kinds of educational and training activities in from pre-school to the end of secondary school, vocational high schools, technical schools beside parents’ education and training. We have 68 educational, Vocational, training institutions, 660 teachers/trainers and 11702 students/learners. Çatalca Directorate of National Education is affiliated to Ministry of National Education,  is looking for sound EU partnerships focusing on following objectives: •Making the promotion of a better understanding of the EU accession process at local level in district of Çatalca  and having these activities as sustainable practice of the Çatalca EU Projects Coordination Centre •Improving knowledge of institution members on EU issues via trainings *To enhance the project development capacity and the dissemination of accurate knowledge on •To contribute to efforts on improving the public understands the Turkey – EU negotiation process; *To increase the local capacity in Çatalca/İstanbul through effective, efficient and sustainable activities as regards the EU accession process and to eradicate prejudices towards EU membership •Ensuring maximum utilization of EU funds by improving the institutional capacity of the EU Coordination Centre

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