: Dec 16, 2019

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Slovenina SME Well Water is the future of solving the single-use packaging pollution issues and connected environmental and health problems. The vision of our company is to stop this currently biggest environmental problem by transitioning to circular economy.

Well Water enables a simple and user-friendly circular economy for drinkable water and functional beverages consumption & distribution. We want to tackle the problem of excessive use of environmentally-unfriendly packaging by preventing the need for such packaging in the first place. We believe that recycling is not the right solution for the future; using less packaging and consequently creating less waste is.

The Well Water concept combines two water distribution & consumption products. The first is a water dispenser that offers fresh, chilled, refined, carbonated or still water with or without taste and the option of upgrading it into a functional beverage (by adding antioxidants or electrolytes for sports activities). All of water-based beverages are mineralized to offer healthy mineral water, tailored for the 21st-century consumers and offering an alternative to environmentally-unfriendly plastic bottles and similar packaging. An alternative, which supports a circular economy model and is available in another automated and smart dispenser.

The second product functions as a bottle dispenser and a return station for environmentally-friendly bottles for drinking, made from plant-based plastic. Users can “rent” an environmentally-friendly bottle when they need it for a small deposit, use it until they want to, and then return it to the machine to get the majority of the deposit back (with a small rent fee deduced). This smart machine automatically cleans the returned bottles using steam and UV-light sterilization, making the bottle ready for the next user. Later, we want to upgrade this machine to also offer environmentally-friendly coffee cups, which are similarly automatically cleaned.

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