Baia Mare Municipality

: Mar 29, 2016

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About Me

I work for the Baia Mare Municipality / Romania in the Urban Strategy Department.

I am always open to new approaches and challenges in order to change myself and the society.
My main interests are related to a better development of the city and the community by :
- sustainable development in different areas such as social development, Youth, education, citizens' involvement, creative and emerging business, cultural tools, micro-economy, sharing economy and circular economy
- assure an appropriate answer from the city and community to the challenges arising in the ongoing URBACT III project "Boosting Social Innovation";
- involve the community, especially youth and children, in "Cultural Diplomacy"
- promoting the city in the world
- finding a way to establish smart neighborhood within the city instead of a city approach.
- contribute to the establishment of a better place for us all;
- Developing accordingly the partnership between relevant stakeholders and institutions;
My main objective is that our city shall become a point of meeting and and an open cooperation place where east, west, south and north shall meet, discuss, share ideas and best practice and actively involve in sustainable development by starting from the previous meetings and contacts and continue by inviting representatives from other parts of the world to join the approach. The objective shall be attained by:
• active partnerships build around the city, county and region in order to submit to European & International Funding Programs
• round tables, symposium, seminars, workshops, conferences for idea and good practice exchanges between cities and institutions from all over the world.

Keywords and matching areas:

 International Cooperation
 Development and Cooperation
 Urban Development
 Horizon Europe
 Transnational cooperation
 Project Development
 Urban Innovative Actions

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