Associazione Post Indutriale Ruralità

: Dec 10, 2018

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About Me

We are a cultural association. We manage finds of industrial archeology in the Camonica valley (Alps)

Our activities are dedicated to research and dissemination about industrial heritage, eco-sustainable strategies for the new rurality, contemporary art. We are working on museum and experiential installations in archaeological sites, the collection and dissemination of practices of landscape enjoyment through contemporary art and hiking, we are conducting experiments and projects of cultivation out of soil (hydroponics and aquaponics), using local wool as growth substrate. both for productive purposes and as a therapeutic practice.

We are looking for partners 1- for off-floor cultivation projects, both for new installations and solutions, and for chemical analyzes on products 2- for the landscape studies center: institutions that host exhibitions and performances; researchers in the anthropological, artistic, philosophical and geographical fields; media partner and storyteller; schools that want to make their students experience paths of body proprioception (for example sound walk, methods of visual awareness) and relational performances developed by the project itself.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Rural Development
 Sustainable Development
 Cultural heritage
 Visual Arts

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