Association of Hungarians Settlements' and Regions' Association

: Feb 18, 2021

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The Association has activities in the City-management and develop, Regional, Rural and Tourism development, Cultural heritage and water-cases, boating. It is inerest not in Hungary but in Carpathian Basin, Danube basin macro-region, EU and European relations.

Some projects: Studies for Gellért Hill & Citadella, Buda Royal Palace and its surroundings, Leisure boating, Castles and Regions, Crowns of Rivers, Future of the Traditional Hungarian villages, etc.

It was established 21 years ago by local governments, professional associations, experts, enterprises. In the past, recently and in the future our Association is in collaboration all governmental bodies, other civil organisations in Hungary and other countries, jointed as civil partner to the EU Parlament and of course the Hungarian National Parlament, it has some connections scientific institute, universities, local governments, civil organizations in Hungary and other countries.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Rural Development
 Renewable Energy
 Urban Management
 Maritime transport
 Project Planning

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