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: Nov 24, 2020

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The Local Action Group "Asociación para la Promoción y Desarrollo de los Valles Pasiegos is a non-profit association representing 16 rural municipalities and 36 civil society organisations in central east Cantabria (Spain).

Created in 1997, is currently managing its second ELARD Programme, focusing on the socioeconomic developmentof the Valles Pasiegos area.

We encourage and cooperate with local people, entreprises, communities, organisations and and during these years of existence we have managed projects such as:


  • "Rural Quality", a label developped in collaboration with others european LAGs, that identifies local enterprises committed to sustainable development and corporate social responsability.
  • "N-623 Route" an inte regional project to enhance cultural heritage along this national road.
  • "Aula de Cocina Pasiega" a cofinanced ESF project that promotes local agrifood products and foster collaboration agreements between agrifood, restaurants and tourist accommodations business.

We are also partners in the "Valles de Cantabria Geopark" running application, leadered by the Mancomunidad de Municipios Sostenibles de Cantabria.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Rural Development
 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Sustainable Development
 Sustainable Tourism
 Cultural heritage
 European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)
 European Union

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