: Jun 2, 2016

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Founded at the end of 2012 , by Pascalu brothers, the AO,,CENTRUL ECOLOGIC – RECUPERARE, RECICLARE, REINTEGRARE “ organisation ( eco-green 3Rcentre)  was established to facilitate technology transfer and help communities to tackle critical development challenges. Since its foundation the centre, manage to build a dialogue platform and project models warehouse designed to help the public to unlock the potential of modern technologies and innovative solutions and their associated benefits for society. In attempt to better utilize its resources and promote projects sustainability, the Organization has concentrated its efforts in poverty-stricken rural communities and at beginning of 2013, signed joint Partnership Memorandum that providing consulting services for sustainability to seven country Local Public ;

Keywords and matching areas:

 Capacity Building
 Human Resources
 Low-Carbon Technology
 Raw Materials
 Education and Training
 Social and Welfare

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