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: Apr 6, 2017

About Me

Sameer Safaya has over 10 years of collective work experience in Asia, N. America and Europe, the majority of which has been spent in the Netherlands in the field of sustainability, with a focus on applied earth sciences (climate, water etc.) sustainable development, humanity’s impact on these systems and how to measure, report, mitigate and adapt to these impacts. Key sectors of expertise include agriculture and textiles especially relating to water. In addition to consultancy, Sameer is also a lecturer/trainer teaching sustainability and entrepreneurship at various summer schools and organisations and is an expert at Water Footprint Assessments, having worked for the Water Footprint Network and associated organisations.

As an entrepreneur he is the founder and director of a social venture (OnePlanet Kitchen), co-developed a sustainability rating system and framework and has worked in and founded other sustainability based start-ups. As a result he now also lends advice in sustainable entrepreneurship, career coaching and as a business advisor. Sameer has an MSc. in Hydrology, with a minor in Sustainable Development from Utrecht University, BSc. in Earth Sciences with minors in GIS and Global Business Strategies from Pennsylvania State University and a certificate from the University of Minnesota’s Hydrogeology Summer Field program. He is also certified in Water Footprint Assessments (especially in agro food and textiles), Life Cycle Analysis, OSHA-Hazwoper-40 and as Climate-KIC’s Pioneer-into-Practice.

Sameer was born in India, raised in Beijing and Hong Kong, studied and worked in the US, worked in Hong Kong for another year before moving to the Netherlands, where he currently resides (over 10 years) while frequenting Hong Kong at least annually.

Recent projects include a Circular Economy Knowledge Programme for the Province of Utrecht, Netherlands. United Nations World Food Programme and the relationship with climate change and food ;

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