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: Jan 20, 2016

About Me

As senior programme manager and Team Leader at ICDI, I am responsible for several long term projects in Eastern Europe and Asia. These project focus on the healthy development of children living in institutions, the improvement of the situation of girls and young women and focus on understanding new phenomena and problems that children of today face. I also assist in most of the other projects that ICDI overseas in various parts of the world, and have work experience in Central America, Eastern Europe and Asia. Training, capacity building and M&E are my core activities. In my profession my aim in to convince people that any development should take into account the well being of children and youth, as they form the core of our investment in the future.

I am available for consulting services that tackle child protection and child well being. I also have extensive experience as project manager, overseeing initiatives in a range of countries.

Fields of Expertise:

 Child Care
 Gender Equality
 Minority groups
 Youth Exchanges
 Transnational cooperation
 European Union
 Migrants and Refugees

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