Dr. Ismail Cicek

: Jul 17, 2018

About Me

Chief Engineer, Academician, Entrepreneur, a person with a sense of humor :)

I would like to be support your team with my expertise for planning, preparation of your project and during the ;

I have over 20 years of exprience in systems engineering, product development, and research areas in both industry and academia.

• 15 years of engineering/leadership experience in the US Defense industry programs and projects, and

• 6 years experience working in industryand academic research projects in Istanbul ;

The following areas are our, along with my team at the university and my small size company in Istanbul, capabilities explained briefly:

• Aircraft Modernization; Aircraft Systems/Subsystems Development
• USAF Aircraft Safe-to-Fly (Airworthiness) Certification
• Unmanned Air Vehicle Systems (UAV/UAS) Development and Testing (HIL/SIL tests)
• Engine Tests
• Test & Evaluation (per MIL-STD-810G, RTCA-DO-160G, etc.)
• Development of 2D and 3D simulations of marine engine room operations
• Ship systems development
• Marine propeller design and development

I currently teach at Istanbul Technical University Maritime Faculty, Marine Engineering Department. My area of interests (teaching and research) are 
      - Automation, Automatic Control, Modeling, and Simulation ship engineering systems, diesel engines, compressor and associated systems. Machine Learning and control subjects in all fields.
    - Maritime Technology & Innovation: Currently teaching MS level courses and providing consultancy to the industrial partners.
    - Classical Engineering Courses: Engine Room Systems (using Simulators), Vibrations, Ship Propulsions, Control Systems, Technology & Innovation, etc.
Additionally, I provide technical expertise and managerial guidance for establishing R&D processes at various defense & R&D companies.

The type of projects I can help you with may be similar to one of those:

- Marine Engines, Ship Engine Room Systems, Marine Propellers
- Control Systems (PID, Fuzzy Logiz, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Neurol Networks
- Autonomous Vehicles development
- Systems development for aircraft devices and interfaces (MIL-STD-1553, ARINC, IEEE, etc.)
- Systems engineering lifecycle models, project management, validaiton, productisation
- Systems simulation development and analysis.
- Innovation in education and training technology

 I hope to be part of your team, to support you with my capabilities. Thanks.

Fields of Expertise:

 Marine and Coast
 Medical equipment
 Aerospace Technology
 Electronics and Microelectronics
 Innovation & Research
 Clean Transport
 Maritime transport
 Industrial Engineering
 Technical Writing
 Academic Writing

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