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: May 22, 2020

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VANDERKEMP™ Development & Consulting - in short VDK.

At VDK, we take pride in our position as a renowned expert in the field of international trade and bilateral negotiations. As a trusted development and consulting company we specialize in delivering business excellence to our international clients.

Drawing upon the principles of urgency, strategic thinking, and global collaboration, VDK empowers organizations to thrive in the global marketplace. Our experts and international teams, bring unmatched leadership and expertise to the table, with a profound understanding of the complexities surrounding visions, strategies, negotiations, and trade dynamics in the BRICS countries, BRI, SCO, and GCC states.

Our mission is clear: to empower mid-sized companies with visionary leadership and strategic guidance, enabling them to achieve sustainable revenue growth through their international trade endeavours. With a long-term strategic focus, we assist our clients in crafting innovative strategies that transcend short-term gains, instead prioritizing sustainable market penetration and global success. Our approach begins with meticulous market research and opportunity identification, allowing us to understand the unique potential of international markets. Leveraging our experts and international team's extensive experience in international trade negotiations, we help clients navigate intricate trade landscapes and establish fruitful partnerships that drive growth and market expansion.

At VDK, we firmly believe that leadership is key to thriving in international markets. As such, we emphasize the development of visionary goals and strategic planning, setting clear long-term objectives that align with our client's business aspirations. Our seminars and tailored workshops for mid-sized and large companies foster a culture of excellence, promoting innovative thinking and adaptive strategies.

At VDK, we continually encourage a culture of continuous learning and adaptation. With expert guidance, our clients embrace innovation and stay attuned to evolving market trends, positioning themselves as industry leaders and pioneers.


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